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Hello there!

My name is Aditya Bhalla (people just call me "Adi").


I am the founder and CEO of Systematic Innovation Center Pvt. Ltd and President of TRIZ Asia Forum (TRIZ is an acronym that stands for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).

I love to help organizations resolve the challenges in any growth transformation journey. I founded this company to help my clients set up internal capabilities that encourage inventive thinking and systematic problem-solving.

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Our Inspiration to exist

Having trained thousands of professionals around the world at all seniority levels in diverse industries and after reviewing hundreds of business projects, I came to the following realizations

  1. Inventive thinking is no longer just a desirable trait: There is a severe shortage of inventive thinking skills. It's many times wrongly assumed to be God's gift or based on pure luck or linked to the IQ of a person. Not to mention that many people mix up creativity with inventive thinking.

  2. Organizations need an entrepreneur's growth mindset: There are so many excellent professionals working for big and small corporations who would love to be an entrepreneur but hesitate because of many constraints and assumptions. My other mission is to provide the skillset and guidance to those professionals to add value to their key stakeholders.

  3. Systematic problem-solving is still a badly needed skill set: For many organizations, "critical thinking" can make or break initiatives across the organization. Our mission is to de-stress the lives of working professionals by teaching them how to combine critical thinking with data analytics in various areas such as customer experience, revenue growth, product development, and process improvement.

We thrive on making it simple to apply the concepts we teach without compromising on the rigor of the methodology.

We hope that you are equally inspired to partner with us in this journey of creating the innovative workforce of tomorrow!


Thank you for visiting us and look forward to getting to know you better!

Contact us to know more or to request your own customized solution.

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