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Custom built services

You Ask, We Deliver

We recognize that every client is unique and their constraints are distinct from others.


We welcome such inputs to custom design our services to suit the context of your organization.

Contact us to know how we can be of help.



Customized to your needs

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our custom-built workshops

  1. Our programs are customized to the specific context and industry of our customers.

  2. We emphasize an "inch-wide mile-deep" approach to accelerate the skill development process of the participants.

  3. We blend concepts from multiple contemporary bodies of knowledge to celebrate the uniqueness of each client.


Below is a sample list of some of the customized workshops  

  1. Global sales program for outbound sales calling staff. 

  2. Innovation Practitioner certification program for an MNC.

  3. Forecasting, Staffing, and Scheduling for customer service operations (front office, back office).

  4. Practical data analytics for managers using Minitab

  5. Innovation and Design Thinking workshop for the Leadership team

  6. TRIZ for patent analysis

Contact us to customize as per your context.



Customized to your needs

The custom-designed consulting work primarily falls into three categories.

Category 1: Project-specific consulting 

These types of requirements are built around the core service offerings of our organization and often involve mixing and matching concepts and toolsets from different methodologies to suit the particular business case.

Sample projects in this category are listed below for reference.

  1. Review of existing process inventory (created as part of compliance with certification standards) to create an integrated and holistic Process Management System.

  2. Identify the vital few attributes of importance using Mahalanobis Taguchi System (MTS) and create a prediction algorithm for improving customer satisfaction or reducing staff attrition.  

  3. Failure analysis projects such as

    1. Distortion of infrared communication of a device that controls other pieces of equipment.​

    2. Amount of food wasted to meet food regulator's requirements while filling up sachets using a machine that dispenses reduced quantity over time.

Category 2: Staff augmentation consulting

The requirement in this category is to provide staff at the leadership level to plug the gap in internal capabilities around Process Transformation or Innovation management.

The engagement model is either on a Full-time Retainer or Pay-per-use.

Category 3: Information Technology concierge services 

This is relevant to those clients who want a single point of contact for managing the process transformation, innovation, and automation initiatives.

Our role in such projects is as explained below

  1. Provide the business layer to IT projects to bridge the gap between user expectations and the work to be done by IT teams

  2. Provide the necessary expertise through network service partners in areas as indicated below.

    1. Robotic process automation (RPA)

    2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    3. Supply chain management (SCM)

    4. Digital Marketing

    5. Data center design and implementation

    6. Artificial intelligence (AI)

    7. Blockchain

    8. App design and development

Contact us to know more or to request your own customized solution.

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