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Innovation and Design Thinking

We bring a clear definition of what Innovation means and that takes away the confusion between improvement and innovation.

We also take the stress out of the implementation.

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Skill building through practice


Our Innovation and Design Thinking workshops are serious and fun at the same time.

They encourage the participants to demonstrate the following skills.

  1. Go beyond conventional ideas to any given situation.

  2. Generate a wide variety of ideas that are equally competent in resolving the underlying Contradictions.

  3. Overcoming the mental barriers to creativity such as practicality, feasibility,

  4. Push towards bolder ideas that could be considered Disruptive Innovation for the given situation

  5. Create the evolutionary roadmap for any solution based on the Patterns of System evolution (especially important for product development teams).

  6. Tie it back to the key stakeholders (including the end-user) who will be impacted (positively or negatively) by the solution ideas.

  7. Develop the capability to generate ideas for any industry or situation even when one is not the Subject Matter Expert. This is based on the skill of Abstraction and Analogy thinking.

  8. (Advanced students) Ability to link the design and implementation to data analytic tools to check whether the solutions are having the desired impact.

  9. (Advanced students) Ability to analyze the legal protection (Patents) afforded to rival solutions and to design alternatives that will not infringe the Patents.

Our ideal split of workshop time is 30-40% of Theory and 70-60% of Practice. 

But we don't just stop there!

For motivated clients, we also have Pre-workshop sessions with the participants to discuss the details of their project and the information or data they need to bring to the classroom.

We then have Post-workshop review activities to sustain the momentum and to get the results.

Our workshops come in two formats: Classroom-based (our preferred choice) and Online (over the Internet).

Below is a sample listing of some of our Innovation and Design Thinking workshops.  

  1. Innovation for business using TRIZ (2 days) - Beginner

  2. Design thinking for practitioners (2 days) - Beginner

  3. Creativity workshop using TRIZ (2 days) - Beginner

  4. Innovation for product development teams using TRIZ - Intermediate to Advanced

Contact us for more details and to customize for your context.



We guide your teams through the innovation journey

Consulting in innovation projects is generally linked to business outcomes and not any specific methodology.

We receive various requests from our clients as illustrated by the sample list below.

  1. Audit the existing process or product from the core principles of design thinking and innovation.

  2. Product portfolio analysis to identify the prioritized innovation opportunities that can be exploited by the organization

  3. Enhance the impact of existing projects by including core elements of inventive thinking based on TRIZ such as the Evolutionary Design of systems, Anticipatory Failure Analysis, and Inventive Problem Solving.

  4. Create the project assessment criteria for the assessment of projects based on the Innovation body of knowledge (derived from TRIZ)
  5. Patent analysis using TRIZ to identify the opportunities for generating solutions that do not infringe

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