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Process Transformation

Process transformation can be intimidating and complex. We take the stress out of the implementation.

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Skill building through practice


We take the term Workshop seriously and make sure that there is a lot of work for participants to practice the concepts.

Our ideal split of workshop time is 30-40% of Theory and 70-60% of Practice. 

But we don't just stop there!

For motivated clients, we also have Pre-workshop sessions with the participants to discuss the details of their transformation project, and the information or data they need to bring to the classroom.

We then have Post-workshop review activities to sustain the momentum and to get the results.

Our workshops come in two formats: Classroom-based (our preferred choice) and Online (over the Internet).

Below is a sample listing of some of our Process Transformation workshops.  

  1. Process Transformation (3 days) - Beginners

  2. Business Excellence (3 days) - Beginners

  3. Lean Innovation Six Sigma (3 days to 12 days) - Intermediate to Advanced

  4. Accelerated DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) for Managers (3 days) - Beginners

  5. Design for Six Sigma using TRIZ (10 days) - Advanced

Contact us for more details and to customize to your context.



We guide your teams through the transformation journey

The consulting projects we undertake fall into the following categories in order of increasing complexity.

  1. Identify the areas where process transformation activity can be undertaken.

  2. Handhold the project teams identified earlier and guide them toward successful completion.

  3. Collaborate with internal teams to jointly create and manage the implementation 

  4. Partner with external service providers to jointly work on related but extended concepts such as process automation.

  5. Due diligence of existing operations on behalf of clients outsourcing business to vendors.

Contact us to know how we can assist your organization in this journey.

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